Landlord Insurance

Landlord Insurance

If you are tired of spending all your time searching for the best landlords insurance quotation then search no longer! We are a broker specialising in this industry and can search a panel of major insurers for you and make sure you pay a low premium. Why spend hours of your own time searching around different websites and calling so many different people getting no where when you can just sit back and let a broker do all the work for you! We already have great schemes in place with insurers meaning we can provide quotations much lower than many insurers would actually offer directly, we know who is best to quote based on your properties details and your own personal requirements meaning we won't waste time approaching an insurer who would be no use to you.

We fully understand that as a landlord you always have tasks to complete which is why we take the hassle out of insuring your properties and supply instant online landlord insurance quotes from a range of insurers to make sure you get the most competitive premium and the most appropriate cover. Because we specialise in cheap landlords insurance you will find that you dont need to search around but instead just perform a quick quote on our website by filling in a few simple questions and then making payment via credit or debit card to initiate your landlord insurance cover. As a landlords insurance broker we search around several insurers on your behalf to make sure you pay a low premium with very comprehensive cover. Many people also refer to this type of insurance as buy to let insurance, generally as long as you opt for an insurance policy which is specifically for landlords as aposed to a standard household insurance policy then you should receive the full cover that you require such as property owners liability.

Let property insured under landlord insurance

For your peace of mind we only place your landlord insurance with well known insurers who are authorised and regulated. The Financial Conduct Authority regulate the insurance industry meaning you know your landlord insurance policy will be dealt with correctly. Because the insurers we deal with are all appropriately regulated you know that if anything was to happen which you feel is unfair or unacceptable and you have exhausted all over reasonable methods of resolving the issue then you have a regulating body to turn to.

Each landlord insurance policy will offer slightly different cover which is why it is highly recommended that you read at least the keyfacts for each insurer. All the insurers we deal with will generally provide cover for perils such as fire, lightening, earthquake, subsidence, property owners liability and such like.

There are many different landlord insurance policies available. The cover ranges from landlords building insurance which usually provides cover for perils such as fire and flood to landlord contents insurance which would usually cover for perils such as fire, theft or malicious damage upto a fully comprehensive landlords insurance policy which may include cover for things such as legal expenses and loss of rent. As standard the policies we offer usually provide property owners liability to protect the landlord against liability claims made by the tenant and such like. For instance if your tenant was to fall down the stairs and hold you liable then your property owners liability section of your landlords insurance would usually provide cover.

We can provide cover for many different types of insurance policies, the list below is just a short sample:

The following list outlines just a small percentage of the areas in which we can usually provide insurance cover for let properties. Usually we can provide a landlord insurance quotation for your property regardless of its location anywhere in the UK.

Some landlord insurance companies will give a discount if a landlord wants to insure several properties at once or may apply a discount such as reducing the policy issue fee. Obviously if you have a portfolio of properties then this could work out to save you alot of money and hours of your time.

As a landlord you may soon be required by law to have a property licence, specifically if you have any houses in multiple occupation, you can read about the new property licence laws online. The new legislation brought into effect by the government from April 6th 2006 will mean that any landlord which lets a property which is considered a house in multiple occupation will be required to have a property licence under certain circumstances. A household is generally considered as members of the same family which live together or married couples. A house of multiple occupations is generally any property which houses three or more 'households' which share facilities such as the kitchen, toilet or bathroom. At this moment in time insurers are generally not asking for details of property licences but it could in future be a requirement for your insurance policy that you provide proof of a landlord property licence.

Landlord Insurance is not legally required but is highly recommended. As a responsible property owner it is recommend that you have at minimum your buildings insured as a property could be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds and is normally a long-term investment for the owner. An unexpected incident could cause significant damage to this investment and, if a landlord's insurance policy isn't in place, could mean a loss of a considerable amount of money should the worst happen. As a landlord you will also want insurance in place to provide property owners liability to protect yourself against claims from your tenant holding you liable for any injury they may have recieved within your property.

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Landlord house insurance

What is it? - If you let any property then you will want to make sure you have a specific landlord house insurance policy in place to provide cover for the buildings and or contents rather than a standard residential home owners insurance policy. The reason for this is that generally a standard house insurance policy doesn't provide as much cover(if any, since alot of insurers exclude cover when a property is let) as a specific insurance for landlords house policy would, for example you wouldn't have the additional cover such as property owner liability to provide cover against any claims your tenant may make against you for any injury or illness they receive within your property. This type of policy should not be mistaken with public liability insurance which we can also offer but provides a different type of cover.

Do I need landlords house insurance? - It is extremely important that you check if your current household policy provides cover for your property once it is let to tenants. Many policies actually exclude any cover once a property is let which is why it is so important to arrange a specific landlords insurance policy to make sure at minimum your building is insured. You can get a landlords house insurance quote online today from a range of different insurers meaning you pay a low premium and sit back and relax while our system finds a great policy for you!

Landlord building insurance

How much does it cost? - The cost of building insurance for landlords will depend on many different factors such as the property location, rebuild value and tenant type. For example you may find that your insurance premium is much lower if you were to insure a building which has a low rebuild value of £40,000 compared to a property which has a rebuild value of £200,000. If your property was located in a bad area which was know to be a high crime risk then you may find that the amount you pay for your landlords building insurance will be much higher than if the property was located in a quiet country town with a very low crime rate. Some insurers will apply a load or a discount to your policy based on the type of tenant you have in the property, for example it may work out cheaper to insure a property occupied by 1 professional person than a property which was lived in by several asylum seekers.

How much should I insure the let building for? - When arranging your landlords buildings insurance it is crucial to remember you must insure the let building for the rebuild/re-instatement value and not the sale price. The sale price is usually a much higher figure since it includes the land on which the property resides although in some cases(for example certain listed buildings) the sale price may be lower than the rebuild value. The re-instatement value should take into account costs such as the rebuilding of the property, the clearage of the site, surveyor costs and such like. There are online tools which can offer an indication as to the rebuild value of your property offered by companies such as the association of british insurers(ABI) but they cannot offer any guarantee as to the accuracy of the results, the only accurate way to obtain the re-instatement value is to have a professional survey carried out.

Do I need landlords building insurance? - As a landlord the largest investments you own are the let properties themselves and the rent money they generate. Failure to have let building insurance in place could result in huge financial losses should the worst occur such as a fire or flood. Considering the low cost of insuring your buildings we highly recommend that no property is ever left uninsured.

What cover will be provided? - Because we use a range of different insurers to make sure we provide a competitive quote you will find that cover varies a little depending on your requirements and property details, for this reason we must advise that you read the keyfacts and full quotation details before proceeding with any cover however generally your policy will provide cover for fire, lightning, explosion, storm, earthquake, flood, subsidence, property owners liability, riot, escape of water, falling trees, theft, malicious damage, ground heave and land slip. Obviously this is a huge level of cover to provide peace of mind for landlords who let their properties in the UK.

Landlord contents insurance

How much will it cost me? - Many landlords add contents to their buildings insurance policy for a small additional premium, many insurers actually apply a discount when you take out a policy which has both contents and buildings insurance meaning in some cases it actually works out that your premium will be lower by adding the minimum value of contents to your policy! Generally the tenants contents would not be covered by the policy, instead the contents of the landlord which are for the use of the tenant such as whitegoods would be covered. The cost of the policy will obviously depend on the value of contents you wish to insure, for example if you just needed to insure £5,000 of carpets your premium would probably be lower than if you needed to insure £20,000 worth of contents in the property.

Do I need insurance for the contents in my let property? - We highly recommend that as a standard a responsible landlord will insure the contents of the let property such as the carpets, curtains and whitegoods against risks such as fire and theft.