Landlord Insurance

About Landlords Insurance

As an insurance broker specialising in low cost landlords insurance we understand that landlords do not have hours to spend searching for and arranging insurance which is why we do all the work for you by searchin a panel of insurers to obtain you a competitive quotation and then arranging cover with the insurer on your behalf. By searching several insurers for your landlords insurance we can make sure you pay a competitive premium and receive cover which meets your requirements. Instead of looking around on the internet for a low cost quote you can fill in a very short form on our website and gain an instant quotation from well known insurers and initiate immediate cover when payment is made via credit or debit card.

We understand that any responsible property owner will want their landlords insurance placed with well known respectable insurers which is why we only deal with insurance companies which are authorised and regulated. The Financial Conduct Authority have been regulating the insurance industry since April 2013 which means that should you ever feel that you have been treated unfairly by the insurer and all other methods of resolving the problem have failed then you have a regulating body to turn to for support.

Obviously different insurers will offer slightly varying cover with their landlords insurance policies which is why we must recommend that you read(at minimum) the keyfacts and quotation details of any policy before proceeding with cover. For the protection of our clients we deal with insurers which offer very comprehensive cover as standard. Generally a landlords building insurance policy would provide the following perils as standard:

There are many different landlords insurance policies available, for instance landlords building insurance which would under normal circumstances provide cover for perils such as fire, flood, subsidence and such like to landlords contents insurance which would usually provide cover for contents owned by the landlord within the property for use by the tenant against perils such as fire and theft. Many insurers charge extra for cover such as loss of rent(following an insured peril) and property owners liability insurance, the insurers we place cover with can usually provide this cover as standard in their policies which can save you a reasonable amount of money! Property owners liability will provide protection for the landlord against compensation claims a tenant may make if they injure themselves on the property. Some people refer to this type of insurance as buy to let insurance but usually they are referring to the same type of cover.

Some landlords insurance companies that we place cover with will produce lower premiums if you wish to insure several properties at once, whether a discount is applied to the premium or policy issue fees removed. If you have a portfolio of properties then we would be more than happy to accept the details and produce a quotation to submit to insurers and come back to you with a competitive quote.

At this moment in time it is not legally compulsory to have landlords insurance but it is highly recommended to insure at least the builings which are obviously a huge investment and your liability as a property owner. After all properties can cost hundreds of thousands of pounds to rebuild and it only takes one incident to cause a huge financial loss and without valid insurance in place you could be responsible for the full cost of rebuilding the property whcih could ultimately bankrupt a landlord. Some say that claims against landlords are increasing with the increase of 'no win no fee' companies which is why it is crucial to protect yourself with property owners liability incase your tenant injures themselves on the property and trys to hold you liable for the injury and gain compensation from you. We understand that property owners are generally very busy which is why we take the hassle out of insurance and do all the hard work for you and can provide immediate cover when payment is made via credit or debit card.