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As an insurance broker specialising in insuring let properties we can provide an instant online landlord insurance quote from a panel of insurers meaning that you pay a low premium and get the comprehensive cover you would expect. By using a broker for your landlord insurance you can let our system do all the hard work looking around for low cost quotes while you sit back.

Landlords Insurance covers damage to a property that is let to either a commercial or residential tenant and/or the contents belonging to the landlord within the let property. For example, if you were a landlord that let your residential property to a tenant and a fire happened at the property causing damage to your building and contents then this should be covered by a landlords policy. Another example would be if you were a landlord that let your commercial premises to a business and there was a storm that damaged the property, this would be where your landlords Policy would be applicable.

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A landlord insurance claim is normally initiated by the completion of a claim form or by notifying the insurance company via a specially designated claims phone number. A landlord may do this after an incident such as a flood at the property that he wishes to claim for the damage caused to his property under his landlord insurance policy. Sometimes an incident may be relatively minor and the landlord may decide not to pursue a claim. With a standard £100 excess on most policies, Our business insurance quote policies are extremely competitive with online quotation available. a claim that costs £120 in total to repair would mean that the insurance company would only contribute £20 after the excess is deducted. With the thought of losing any no claim bonus at his next renewal, some would consider it wiser to pay the total cost of the repair instead of making a claim.

Instead of spending your time as a landlord searching for a quote just get an instant online quote today from our online system and save yourself time and money!