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Landlords contents insurance

We are fully aware of how time consuming and tedious it can be searching online for cheap landlords contents insurance which is why we as a broker provide instant online quotations from several insurers at a time. As a landlord you have more than enough on your mind without the hassle of having to arrange landlords contents insurance. Because we specialise in low cost landlords contents insurance we do the searching for you and provide quotes from a range of insurers and can provide immediate cover if payment is made via credit or debit card. We can usually offer a monthly payment scheme through a third party credit arranger so you can spread the cost of your insurance out over the year.

We understand that as a responsible landlord you want to make sure your landlords contents insurance is placed with a respectable insurer which is why we only deal with insurers which are authorised and regulated. Regulation means that should you need to complain and have exhausted all over methods to resolve the situation then you have a regulatory body to turn to for advice and support. The insurers we deal with for contents and landlords building insurance are well known and provide comprehensive cover for your peace of mind.

Each landlords contents insurance policy will offer slightly different cover which is why we recommend you read the key facts for any policy before proceeding with cover. The key facts will outline the main perils covered and any unusual or important exclusions or restrictions. You should also take careful note of any details provided in a landlord contents insurance quote which may outline a specific endorsement which is not standard. We also provide employers liability insurance as a seperate possible for those who run their own businesses in the UK.

House with landlords contents insurance

While many insurers do not include property owners liability within a landlords contents insurance policy we deal with insurers who can sometimes offer this. Property owners liability will provide cover against your tenants holding you liable for an injury or illness they received within your property, this is obviously crucial.

Some landlord contents insurance companies may apply a discount if you insure many properties at the same time, this could be either a percentage off the overall premium or the removal of policy fees which could ultimately save you a lot of money and time in administering your policies.

At this moment in time it is not a legal requirement to have landlords contents insurance although it is highly recommended since replacing the contents of your property could be very expensive and therefore failure to have them insured could result in a huge financial loss should the worst happen such as a fire.