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Employers liability Insurance

As you will be aware as an employer, you are legally required to have employers liability insurance if you operate any business in the UK which has employees, regardless of how often they work for you and failure to have this type of insurance in place can result in a daily fine until you have rectified the situation.

You should not mistake employers liability insurance for public liability which is in fact a completely different type of policy. Employers liability provides cover for your business should an employee injure themselves whilst working under your direction and hold you liable. For example if one of your employees was working on a ladder which collapsed causing them to injure themselves then they may try and hold your business liable for this.

Employers liability insurance quote

Instead of spending your own time looking for the best quote for your employers liability insurance you can simply complete one short quotation form with ourselves and let us do all the hard work for you. Obviously each insurer will offer a different policy based on premium, excess and terms which is where our services can be of use if you are not sure which policy would best meet your needs.