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Public liability Insurance

With the ever increasing trend of 'no-win no-fee' legal cases the need for public liability insurance is greater than it has ever been. Public liability insurance provides cover for any claims made by a member of the public(for example your customer) for any injury or property damage which you are legally liable for.

An example of an incident where you could possibly be held liable for an injury to a member of the public would be if you were a general builder and left a pile of tools on the floor, someone could fall over these and sustain an injury and hold you liable for compensation and any legal or medical costs incurred. Obviously a liability insurance claim for an injury can often be for thousands of pounds which indicates a strong requirement for a comprehensive policy to protect both yourself and your business.

An example of an incident when you may be held liable for property damage would be if you were a decorator and whilst carrying your equipment into the customers property you knocked over an expensive ornament. Again such a claim could be quite costly and without liability insurance you could be liable for the full cost of repairing or replacing the damage item yourself.

Public liability insurance quote

When searching online for liability insurance you can save yourself hours of time by searching by using a broker. Instead of completing forms directly with insurers which can take you a very long time you can simply complete one short form with the broker who will then search a whole range of different insurers and offer you the best quote, not only are you saving time but insurers usually give cheaper rates to the broker meaning you will quite likely save money as well! The following is a short list of some questions you will be asked when applying for a low cost quotation:

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