Landlord Insurance

Landlord insurance for DSS

We understand that it can sometimes be more difficult to obtain a landlord quotation when you have DSS benefit recipients in your let property, however we specialise in landlords insurance for DSS/council tenants which is why we can usually provide extremely competitive quotations instantly online. By using an insurance broker you can let us do all the searching for you and save yourself hours of time and money.

All landlords insurance policies vary slightly and sometimes you may find that you have a higher excess if you have landlord insurance for serveral DSS benefit recipient tenants, because we concentrate on this area of insurance we can offer very competitive premiums with excesses starting from as low as £100 meaning that should the worst happen and you need to claim then you wont be stuck with a huge excess to pay. For the protection of our clients we only place insurance with insurers which have been authorised and regulated meaning that you know your landlord insurance for DSS tenants will be placed with a respectable insurer. If you are looking for business insurance in the Uk then we can help you whether it be landlord, liability or even a shop.

Because we deal with several insurers to offer you the most competitive premium for your DSS landlord insurance, the cover offered by each one differs slightly but generally each policy provides cover for the major perils such as fire, earthquake, explosion, subsidence and such like. Our policies usually include property owners liability to protect you against liability claims which your DSS recipient tenant may make against you, for example if they were to injure themselves in your property and tried to hold you liable for the injury.

Because cover can vary between different insurers we highly recommend you read the keyfacts for each insurance company and the policy wording, in paticular any exclusions which may mean a policy is not appropriate for you.

Although landlord insurance for DSS benefits recipients in not legally required it is highly recommended to protect your investments and your livelihood as a landlord by having property owners liability insurance. Most mortgage providers will not release funds until you can provide proof of an appropriate insurance policy, for this reason we have dedicated ourselves to fast service and can usually provide proof of cover for your let property via post, email and fax.