Landlord Insurance

Landlords building insurance

We understand how frustrating it can be searching the Internet for cheap landlord building insurance. As a landlord you more than likely have a lot of different tasks which you need to do and the last thing you want is the hassle of searching for the best insurance which is why as a broker we can offer instant online quotes from a range of insurers to make sure you pay a low premium and get the best cover for your money. Because we specialise in landlords building insurance we can do the searching for you and provide immediate cover. You can obtain an instant quotation via our website and if you make payment via credit or debit card then we can initiate cover immediately.

We understand that as a landlord you want to make sure your landlords building insurance is arranged with respectable companies which is why we only deal with household name insurers which are authorised and regulated. Regulation means that insurers must have certain policies in place with regards to complaints and such like meaning that if you feel that you have been treated unfairly or that an insurer is not meeting its requirements and you have exhausted all other methods of resolving the situation then you have a regulatory body to turn to.

Each landlord building insurance policy we offer will differ slightly in cover which is why it is crucial that you read the key facts for an insurer before proceeding with a policy. The key facts will give an outline of the buildings cover provided by the insurer and highlight any unusual restrictions. We only deal with insurers who provide comprehensive cover so that the main perils such as fire, lightening, subsidence, earthquake and such like should always be covered(you must always read the quote details to make sure it meets your requirements). For those landlords out there looking for a buy to let mortgage, we can also provide you with access to a provider who provide a comparitive quotation from many lendors.

A let property insured as landlords building insurance

The following selective list is simply a small portion of the cover we can provide for landlords letting their properties:
There are many different landlords building insurance policies available. Usually these policies will provide property owners liability insurance to protect you against claims made by your tenant against you for injury or illness as a result of being in your property. Obviously such claims can often be for large amounts of money which is why it is vital to make sure your building insurance policy includes this cover to protect you as a landlord. It is also recommended that you know about the housing health and safety rating system.

Some landlords building insurance companies will apply a discount if you insure serveral properties at the same time with them, whether this be a percentage discount from your premium or the removal of multiple policy issue fees. The end result is that as a landlord you could save yourself a lot of money on your building insurance policies and a lot of time by having them with just one insurer.

At this moment in time it is not a legal requirement to have landlords insurance although if you have a mortgage on the property then your lender will more than likely insist you have a valid building insurance policy in effect to protect their financial interest in the property. Regardless, as a responsible landlord it is highly recommended that you have at least a landlords building insurance policy in place to protect your own investment. If the worst was to happen, for example an earthquake then your property could fall to the ground and without valid insurance in place you could make a huge loss.